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San Francisco, San Jose, Indianapolis, Atlanta, San Diego, Boston, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Washington D.C, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami….Corporate Team Building Workshops in YOUR CITY!  These are just a very few of the areas we have conducted programs for 20 years.  We are an employee development and team building company that creates and makes customized solutions for your objectives.  Program lengths can range from 1-2 hours to either 1/2 day or full day programs.

Perhaps you’re looking to educate your team in new ways to work together.  Maybe its simply elevating the performance of your team, or help with conflict resolution.  Don’t take chances with choosing a team building provider, we’ve been doing this for almost twenty years and we wouldn’t have been around so long unless we were doing something right  – really right!  We can work with you to create your own program – as fun or educational as you want it.  For the adventurous, consider including our “Board Meeting”, an activity in which participants are taught to break a board with their hand!  The “Board Meeting” is a high energy and great for furthering camaraderie. While it’s really not about breaking the board – it’s still pretty cool!  Or perhaps “spider webs” (see photo above) or “mine fields” is your preference.  If including an assessment in your teambuiliding is your wish – speak to our Denver representative about the DiSC (or click on Assessments under Programs above).

Corporate Team Building Workshop

What can we do for you –

  • Move from mediocre to superior team results!

  • Ignite, enthuse and create environments where everyone feels challenged and motivated!
  • Learn to turn individual strengths into team assets!
  • Learn to recognize how personal goals fit with team and organization direction.
  • Develop the team spirit fuel necessary to achieve greater levels of accomplishment.
  • Transform a “group” into a team while producing more effective communicators.

Corporate Team Building & Employee Motivation Programs

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Get started today in developing your team and organization into a team that can make a deciding difference!

We can deliver our 1-2 day corporate team building workshops right to your company’s door or provide customized indoor / outdoor workshop activities at the location of your choice, on any of our topics pertinent to your organization’s training goals. View our employee training activity.