Training Resources

Your Input is Valued

Our site continues to evolve in response to input and requests from our clients in Denver and attendees through out our training year. Training Resources, is a result of such response.

What Merits Training?

One request we hear frequently is for assistance in “meriting” employee development and training costs. In response to this request for assistance, we have provided our “Why Train Document“, which is more of a collection of “how we justified it” statements from clients who were generous enough to assist us.

Team Building Newsletters

We have been asked to make our newsletters more accessible so that our attendees might have further support for the ideas and strategies we convey in our workshops. We hope to accommodate this request in the very near future. Once we have placed them on-line, please check out a few of our newsletters, we believe you will find them great support for such values and functions as Teamwork, Accountability, Leading with Honor and Customer Service.

Additionally, for those who may not be as familiar with our services, the newsletters will hopefully provide greater insight to us as an Employee Development organization.


Team Building Blog

Browse through our informative Team Building Blog.