Human Synergistics Survival Simulation

It’s a hot August day and your plane has just crash-landed in the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States…..

Human synergistics internationals survival simulations

The ubiquitous Desert Survival Situation™  as a simulation. is as much a program as it is an activity.  It provides team members with an opportunity to work together in life-threatening situations and to focus on their group processes. We use the Human Synergistics Internationals Survival Simulations in our team building workshops as a developmental instrument for intact work groups, or as team building icebreakers for new teams, to establish healthy norms, introduce the concept of synergy, and/or develop team problem-solving skills. If you would like to quantify how well your team works together, this is your teambuilding activity!


How It Works


Each simulation presents a scenario, such as being stranded in the desert, and then challenges the team to rank various objects they might need for survival in order of their importance.

The exercises ensure that all team members have about the same level of knowledge about the artificial situation (not very much!), meaning they must rely on their ability to set objectives, analyze and evaluate alternative strategies, and, finally, choose a solution that will best meet the objective.

By having team members complete the exercise individually and then as a team, the difference between the individual solutions and the team’s solution can be calculated. This provides a real measure of the group’s effectiveness in working as a team.




Set in unfamiliar locations, the Survival Simulations allow group members to participate as equals— regardless of rank or position. By starting on equal footing, participants have the opportunity to fully participate, focus on group processes, and analyze their contributions to the quality of the team’s performance.

Team Survival Simulations are designed to:

  • Teach the interpersonal (people) and rational (task) behaviors involved in successful teamwork.
  • Demonstrate the impact of group styles on performance.
  • Improve group problem-solving skills and decision-making effectiveness.
  • Strengthen cooperation and communication among group members.

SURVIVAL SIMULATION options available for your team building:



Desert Survival Situation

Desert Survival Situation

Desert Survival SituationIt’s a hot August day and your plane has just   crash-landed in the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States. Rank 15 items salvaged from the plane in the   order of their importance to your team’s survival. 1.5 to 2.5 hours

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