Personal Accountability


Employee Personal Accountability Training Programs

  • Create a more highly motivated workforce with accountable employees.
  • Develop a culture of personal accountability and personal responsibility.
  • Eliminate the blame-game and finger pointing.
  • Build a successful organization through committed accountable employees.
  • Attract top talent as performers are drawn to the reliability and commitment of colleagues.
  • Dramatically improve Customer Service through a culture of accountability.

An Employee Accountability Program Can Lead to Success

Strictly Success is a training company and while we provide a variety of training, our flagship workshop focuses on Personal Responsibility and Accountability.  This accountability program about an operating philosophy – Personal Responsibility.

Organizations have begun linking their success in such areas as reliability, employee retention, overall goal achievement and customer service directly to qualities associated with accountable individuals.  Some of the goals (and benefits) of our Accountability program include developing and instructing participants in the tenets of personal accountability:

Goals and Benefits of Strictly Success’ Accountability Program

  • Accountability requires clarity as to the performance expected by others and ourselves.  This clarity is vital in helping us recognize what outcomes are within our ability to achieve or impact.
  • Clarity cultivates the environment in which becoming personally responsible for results is the norm and the feeling of pride for accomplishment becomes the goal.  The result is a more highly motivated individual and organization.
  • Accountable organizations attract top talent as performers are drawn to the reliability and commitment of  others.  The result is the opportunity to work with top talent and highly motivated individuals which furthers our own individual goals and accomplishments.
  • Mental toughness evolves from the drive to achieve committed levels of performance, as these committed levels and our ability to follow-through on such commitments, become a reflection of us as adults.  The result is a positive effect on individual and organizational performance.
Learn more about how we can help improve your company’s success through furthering personal responsibility via employee accountability training & workshops.

The idea of accepting responsibility for our own actions, (personal accountability), while not new, sometimes seems almost novel. There are a growing number of organizations who have recognized the value and opportunity to either hire or create highly accountable employees or workforce and are responding purposely to this end.

Organizations have began linking their success in such areas as customer service, employee retention, reliability and overall goal achievement directly to qualities associated with accountable employees. In as such, our most popular employee accountability workshop is one developed to create a high degree of personal accountability and a more highly accountable and responsible employee group.

It has been suggested that over ninety percent of us who work for a living do so in organizations. If we agree that this suggests that most of us therefore work with others, we can quickly conclude that the ability to function effectively as a member on a team is a critical component of success in business today. As a team member, if we fail to follow through on our commitments, then we become a weak link.

Employee Accountability Training and Workshops

At Strictly Success, through our employee accountability program, we work toward creating within teams, an environment which, when an agreement is made either silently or otherwise, we know with certainty there will be follow through. We begin to strive to create an atmosphere in which when a commitment is made:

  • To speak with a customer
  • To attend a meeting..and to attend on time
  • To meet with someone
  • To return a telephone call
  • To change a behavior

That we know with certainty, IT WILL BE DONE!

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Get started today with creating an environment that promotes success through personal responsibility.

Simply put, at Strictly Success, we believe that when team members keep commitments, they inspire their colleagues to do the same.

We can deliver our 1-2 day employee accountability training and accountability programs right to your company’s door or provide a customized workshop at the location of your choice, on any of our topics pertinent to your organization’s training goals. View some of our employees training activity.