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It all starts with learning about the manager’s style. It makes sense that a managers style would affect how they manage.  The Everything DiSC management profile assessment is a simple tool that offers information to help the participant understand themselves and explained to others better; this knowledge of oneself and others can prove tremendously useful to the individual and managers.  DiSC management profiles begins with an assessment that asks the user to describe how frequently each adjective describes them. Based on the responses, a visual representation of the information in the form of a “map” is created. The map provides a point highlighting where you (the user) fit on the map.  

We then move beyond the map to provide a written description of your style, preferences and priorities.  This is the Everything DiSC management profile assessment.

The Everything DiSC Management profile, highlights the manager’s management style – their priorities, preferences and motivations.  For example, one manager’s style might be one prone to action and be very action oriented; while another might rely more and utilize encouragement and collaboration, OR perhaps their style focuses more statistics, objectivity and reliability – perhaps more fact oriented.   These are very different, not better or worse, but very different styles.

As mentioned previously, the manager’s style can say a great deal about how the manager approaches their role as a manager.  In the previous example, a manager with a style engaging action, encouragement and collaboration would suggest this manager tends to be friendly, upbeat, sociable.

The Management Profile provides additional insights into what the manager enjoys about managing and conversely what drains your energy as a manager.  Additionally, the report considers how the various styles manage time, goes about making and solving problems, delegating, directing. Also, when delegating and directing, the report highlights how the manager might accomplish these responsibilities with other styles that may work on their team, or perhaps that are colleagues, their managers or even their clients.  

The Everything DiSC® Management assessment offers a developmental solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role–whether managing direct reports or the relationship with their own manager. A complete program of classroom training focuses learning in five key areas:

  • Understanding DiSC® styles
  • Directing and delegating
  • Creating a motivating environment
  • Developing others with different styles
  • Identifying strategies for working more effectively with managers.


Work with a company that has more than 40 years of experience in DISC training supported by research; Everything DiSC is the best DISC assessment platform to help your employees reach their full potential.

Everything DiSC Management Take-Aways

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Discover Your DiSC Management Style

Along with recognizing the priorities and preferences that shape their experience as a manager and as an employee, who must also may sometimes need to effectively manage up.

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Managers Begin to Understand Their Unique Style

and how it influences their approach to management responsibilities such as directing and delegation

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Develop Strategies for Improving Employee Motivation

while developing the full potential of team members with various DiSC styles – both similar and different than those of the manager’s.

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Managers Identify New Ways to Work More Effectively with Their Manager

The Everything DiSC Management Program Components


  • The Everything DiSC® Management Profile Assessment
  • Research-validated, online assessment. 27-page management-specific profile report helps management participants better understand:
  • Their approach to managing and developing others—their perspectives on directing and delegating
  • How DiSC style influences the factors that others find motivating
  • Insights for building strong relationships with their own managers.


“This workshop was inspirational, motivational, and had common sense tools that will make a difference in my life and my ability to build extraordinary teams.” Pacificare

“What I found most useful was your discussion on change and how to handle it. I plan to apply these ideas in working with my staff and peers”


“Your Management by Agreement concept would be very effective in any work or personal relationship. I would recommend this course to others with the emphasis on MBA (Management by Agreement) and Accountability. Charlie Selcer is a very enthusiastic speaker.”

Sprint Communications

“Your workshop gets people to think about the big picture, and has helped me understand the communication process for my sales team.”

Nobel Sysco

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