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  1. How long does a DiSC program take?  Program duration varies based on the needs of the client’s operations.  Programs typically range from 4 to 8 hours. Factors that can affect the length of your program include the number of participants and the depth and breadth of DISC that you seek.
  2. How much does a DiSC workshop (DiSC facilitation) cost?  We know you are looking to just know the cost; however, we need a few details from you.  Do you see facilitation with your DiSC (by far, most clients do) OR are you seeking the DiSC profile (report) alone?  Also, which DiSC report are you seeking? The most popular and requested is the Everything DiSC Workplace, followed by requests for Everything Management. Still there are others – DiSC Work of Leaders, DiSC for Sales, etc.  If a facilitation is sought, what duration of program do you seek – 4, 5, 6, or 8 hours? How many participants are you seeking to engage, 4 or 5? Or 500 or more? If you could help with some of these details, we can help with a fee.  Click here to contact us and provide us the details you seek. 

Or better yet, call us at Strictly Success at 970 776 9848.

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  1. Where are the programs conducted?  Onsite or offsite of your location.  Our facilitators can and have conducted DiSC workshops through-out the United States and Canada.  
  2. Is Everything DiSC available in languages other than English?  Yes.  The reports are available in Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian and of course English.  The facilitation we provide is exclusively in English.
  3. How many people can attend a DiSC program? What is the ideal number of persons in a program? We have conducted fully facilitated programs for 80 participants in a single program.  Ideally, we find that 20 – 35 participants an ideal size for a fully facilitated program.
  4. How few participants can attend?  For any one program, there is no minimum however with at least 4-5 persons participants are able to experience various styles and preferences and the result is a richness to the DiSC experience.
  5. How much experience does Strictly Success have with the DiSC?  Strictly Success has conducted programs for over 2 decades, since 1996.
  6. Is DiSC a personality test?  Yes.  While earlier in the developmental stages of DISC, it would be referred to as a behavioral assessment instrument or tool.  However, it would hard to not recognize an instrument as a personality instrument that highlights styles, preferences, motivators and behaviors.  The DISC is both a behavioral instrument as well as a personality tool.  
  7. Can you train our trainers to deliver the DiSC program?  (Train the trainer).  YES.  We provide certification for the Everything DiSC Workplace, the most popular and requested DISC report.
  8. Can we get the reports (DiSC profiles) only without facilitation?  Yes.  DiSC reports available include, but not limited to, include Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Comparison Reports, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC for Leaders, Everything DiSC for Sales, Everything DiSC 363.  
  9. Is DiSC a one-time training?  That is up to you and your organization.  Many organizations have developed continued education programs and use reports such as the Comparison Reports and DiSC Sales, DiSC for Management, etc.  to further develop a culture of DISC in their organization.
  10. What are the principle uses of DiSC?  There are numerous uses of DISC, depending on the client’s needs.  Our clients have used the instrument to promote or improve: Team Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness, Communication, Conflict Management, Coaching and Team Building.  However there seems as many uses as there are clients. Everything DiSC is a developmental tool that measures an individual’s tendencies and priorities. At its’ core, DISC is designed to support an individual’s understanding of his or her behaviors, the behaviors of others and how to apply this knowledge – how to adapt to others to produce a more productive relationship.
  11. What is the difference between MBTI and DISC?  At a high level they are more alike than different – the are both personality assessments.  Both assessments can be completed online. They are both intended to promote personal and professional growth.  Yet they also many differences which require more of a discussion than a sentence of two. MBTI (Myers Briggs) uses an extensive questionnaire while DiSC uses the latest technology (adaptive testing) that allows for far fewer questions to acquire extraordinarily accurate results.  MBTI ‘descriptions describe participants with 4 letters, (ISTJ, ENFP, INTP, ENFJ, etc.) while DiSC arguable need to recall 1 or 2 letters. And even then, the letters (descriptions) are not so important as to recognize what the differences are between persons and how to adapt. DiSC participants can access to their style on 12 dimensions, however DiSC has been designed to be simple and easy to remember and use. Surveys and studies indicate that 6 months following an MBTI assessment, participants had difficulty recalling their letters and the associated descriptors.  DiSC is both easy to remember and as a result more practical and functional.
  12. Why is the ‘i” in DiSC not capitalized?  Trademark.  When referring to the instrument itself, the ‘i’ would not be capitalized e.g. DISC. However, when referring to Wiley Education’s suite of DISC products, (e.g. Everything DiSC Workplace, Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC for Sales, Everything DiSC Comparison Report, etc.), the ‘i’ is capitalized.
  13. Can DiSC help my team communicate better? Thousands of companies (and us) certainly think so.  This is one of the most popular reasons we find people and organizations seek out DiSC.  As we begin to understand why others do the things they do, we begin bridging our differences and recognizing the value of the inherent diversity.  This leads to the motivation to communicate and to learn and benefit from others.
  14. What other DiSC related tools are there to support the program?  Aside from the swag! (cups, pens, posters, etc.).  Everything DiSC has a suite of instruments – DiSC Workplace, Management, Work of Leaders,363, Sales, etc.  
  15. Explain the Comparison Report: If you are familiar with LinkedIn, it works the same way. (This report is not affiliated with LinkedIn however it shares similar operational functionalities). The Comparison Report – compares and contrasts the data from any two individuals of your choice that have taken the Everything DiSC Profile. The Comparison Report produces a narrative that conveys similar traits, differing traits, and also traits not so much either similar or different but rather those that should simply generate further discussion along with strategies for developing the business relationships. A participant can request to have a report with another person who has also completed the DiSC program.  That person may either accept or decline to create the report, always putting control in the hands of those involved. A practical example would be to select two colleagues that usually work together for the comparison report or perhaps a manager and one of their team members, another possibility might be a new employee with their colleague or manager to expedite their getting to know one another. The groupings or combinations are almost endless, and the pairings are entirely your own.  
  16. How much does the Comparison Report cost? $0.00. Zero, Zip, Nada.  It is complimentary once you have completed the Everything DiSC profile.
  17. How many Comparison Reports can I get?  There is not limit!
  18. Is there a DiSC report for Management? Yes. And its popularity is growing by the day. As you might imagine, this knowledge of oneself and others can prove tremendously useful to the individual and managers.  Everything DiSC Management tool is an instrument designed to help managers develop their management style, improve communication and increase employee engagement. Among other things, the personalized DiSC management report helps managers understand how to work more effectively in the areas of: delegating and directing, motivating, developing others.
  19. Can I combine DiSC with other training? Certainly, and we encourage clients to do so.  DiSC is a personal and team development instrument; however, it is not an elixir of all that ails in and of itself.  There are other opportunities and challenges in developing employees and teams. Areas within the scope of our expertise, include helping organizations create a more Accountable Workplace, Manage Change, we can assist with Employee Motivation programs, and of course, more classic Teambuilding programs.  Each of these programs go hand-in-hand with the DISC instrument.
  20. What other programs go well with DiSC training? Customer Service, Teambuilding, Personal Accountability, Employee Motivation
  21. When can I get a DiSC training?  Training dates are based on the availability of our facilitators.  We will confirm dates 270 (9 months) in advance and alternatively, when possible, within 2 weeks!


Work with a company with over 40 years of research-backed DISC training experience. Everything DiSC is the superior DISC assessment platform for maximizing the potential of your employees.


“This workshop was inspirational, motivational, and had common sense tools that will make a difference in my life and my ability to build extraordinary teams.” Pacificare

“What I found most useful was your discussion on change and how to handle it. I plan to apply these ideas in working with my staff and peers”


“Your Management by Agreement concept would be very effective in any work or personal relationship. I would recommend this course to others with the emphasis on MBA (Management by Agreement) and Accountability. Charlie Selcer is a very enthusiastic speaker.”

Sprint Communications

“Your workshop gets people to think about the big picture, and has helped me understand the communication process for my sales team.”

Nobel Sysco

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