Why Train


Can you afford the cost of employee training and team building?

  • Can you afford the cost of delivering poor customer service?
  • Can you afford the cost of an uncommitted employee group?
  • Can you afford employees that lack motivation?
  • Can you afford an uninspired sales force?

Value in Your Company

One of the most frequently advanced reasons for not implementing employee training is that once trained, the employee will leave. After all, does it make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars training an employee who may leave anyway? Recognize that the employee was looking for a job when they found your company and accept that they will not stop looking because they found you. Hard to accept, but true. That is, unless you have given them reason to stay! And giving them reason to stay saves your organization money.

Companies often fail to consider the cost of replacing employees – manager time to interview, loss of productivity for a new employee during ramp-up, not to mention the loss of work caused by the absence of an employee.

Consider the following:

  • Well-trained employees improve profitability.
  • Attract better employee prospects.
  • Training adds leverage when hiring.
  • Reduce turnover.
  • Companies that provide training communicate to the employee their value.  Surveyed employees have stated a preference to stay with a company that is willing to invest in them rather than move to a company that does not value their employees sufficiently to develop them.
  • Training provides communication opportunities between departments that might not otherwise exist.
  • Regarding soft skilled training, in the words of a seasoned executive,
    “I’m not really sure how to justify soft skill training from a cost perspective; however, I know this… our competitors offer it and if your employees do not possess soft skills – we will fail”.
  • Training increases the quality of employee a company.
    Which directly effects the quality of the products or services organizations provide.
  • Training furthers the efforts of the company to communicate the values of the organization.


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