Team Building Motivational Quotes

Strictly Success is an industry leader to help corporations and organizations boost employee productivity, team work and morale. We are experts in the area to team building and employee motivation.  We have included some motivational quotes for someone needing inspiration, looking to inspire another and learn from other great orators.


These motivational quotes (links below) are not necessarily quotes from great leaders or inspiring statements that might be used by leaders. Rather, they are but wisdom that might be applied to the process of becoming a great leader (or parent).

They represent food for thought, fodder to consider daily.

Attempt has been made to “categorize” the motivational quotes into three general areas, LEADERSHIP quotes, SUCCESS quotes and PERSONAL quotes for the purpose of search efficiency. Interestingly, so many of the elements that lend themselves to either personal or professional success share a common thread, therefore, categorizing has been difficult at best and many of the quotes may seemed wrongly categorized.

Credit has been extended whenever possible to the authors, the value of each quote as a component of public domain and as a treasure is recognized in all cases. We hope you enjoy and perhaps can benefit from the short selection of quotes to follow.