Choosing a Service Provider

Training Provider

Factors to Consider

Choosing a training service, provider factors and information… Consider printing the following questions for use in your “interviewing” process of trainers.

  • How long has the trainer or consultant actively been involved in training? Collectively, our partners at Strictly Success have over thirty-five years in the development of employee groups.
  • Do they have relevant experience in your market sector? The team at Strictly Success brings to your organization over 50 years of business experience.
  • What ‘range of services’ can the trainer supply? Will this be important to you? With over three decades of experience, our team is highly qualified at providing a full service-training package that includes Customer Service, Team Building, Change Management and Leadership training. Additionally, we feature Keynote Speaking.
  • Can they provide a list of companies they have worked with, assignments carried out and good references? Can they prove capability to deliver the type of training you need? We look forward to our clients having the opportunity to speak to you about ways in which we have positively impacted their organizations in the past. Please see Client List or Client Testimonials.
  • Do they have a background or experience, which will give them credibility with course participants? Absolutely!! The real life experience that our trainers possess enables us to successfully communicate with a wide range of participants. Whether we are training front line employees, supervisors, managers or executive level personnel we possess experience in each of these areas.
  • Are they prepared to write a proposal setting out clear course objectives and content? Yes.
  • Do you get a full set of course notes provided of good quality for each participant for reference purposes? Yes. Our unique approach includes creating an interactive and useful reference book during the course of our workshop(s).
  • Do they tailor courses specifically to meet your needs or just provide a ‘packaged’ solution? Our goal is to create a successful work environment long term. After determining your objectives, together we will create and install a customized program to tailor-made to your needs.
  • What sort of evaluation process of the course by participants attending is offered? At the end of each of our workshops we provide evaluations. One of our objectives and a measure of our success is to provide you with overwhelmingly positive responses. We will continue to work with your organization until which time this objective is achieved.
  • Does the trainer offer a post course review with you to discuss the benefits of the training and on-going consultancy if required? Our goal is to create a successful work environment. We look forward to developing a mutually successful and long-term relationship with you and your organization.
  • Are you going to get a “consultative approach” from the trainer and be able to work with them? Yes. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand your needs. Together we can work toward the common goal of achieving your company’s training objectives. If we are unable to assist you, we will be pleased to refer you to another reputable and successful training organization.

Remember, in the training business, you are buying an individual’s expertise and experience in addition to developing you and your teams!

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