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Once we schedule a trainer/facilitator/speaker for your program, to a great extent, longer programs don’t really cost you, the client, that much more.  The difference in the fees for a 2 hour are 4 hour program, at least for us, is nominal at best.  The cost difference between a 6 and 8 hour program is typically minimal.  Fees generally begin adding up when a client desires a four hour program however wishes to start at 9am and include a lunch – this generally turns into a greater commitment for the training company which generally getting translates to larger fees.  Try a 8 or 830am start.  So the lesson here – if your operation permits, when possible, at least explore getting the four hour option if you’re thinking about two hours.

Another consideration – there are “break-points” in which having an additional persons might not cost you anything more!  Recently I had a team building program for 17 persons.  We instructed the client that should they elect to include up to 20 persons, (and additional three participants) there would be no additional fee.  The additional three persons created additional energy for the program and the synergy from the larger team was a win-win for everyone.  We’ve made this same arrangement for teams of much larger sizes if the type of secrets program had minimal material or activity fees.

Alternatively, there are points in which adding just 2, 3,or 4 persons can require adding another facilitator or trainer.  This additional facilitator can drive the cost up 15% or so depending on the specifics of your program.

Don’t assume that because the trainer/speaker is coming from out of town the fee will be greater.  Training companies know their markets and eventually we will all be local to some of our clients. Local training companies are fully aware what an out-of-town speaker/trainer will charge and adjust their fees accordingly.  The real consideration should be the experience of the trainer/facilitator and frankly, if whether  you believed the company was listening to your needs and proposed solid solutions in your interaction with them.  If you saved a thousand dollars because you hired a local (or out-of-town) speaker/trainer/facilitator and they didn’t meet your objectives – did you really save?

Ask for a discount provided you utilize a follow-up program.  We will typically extend savings to the client provided they request a follow-up or second program within a six month period.

Charlie SelcerAbout the author: Charlie Selcer has provided organizations with employee training and development through Strictly Success Inc. for over 15 years. Strictly Success is a U.S. based employee training company for both the public and private sectors including some of America’s Fortune 1000 companies. Strictly Success specializes in high performance teams and teambuilding, employee motivation, employee accountability and change management.

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