Most of us wouldn’t mind talking a few swings off of our golf game. After glancing in the mirror, we are reminded that a few pounds shed wouldn’t hurt. Also, patience is something several businessmen and women lack. When it comes to self-improvement- inside and out, how does one go about setting change into motion? Here are few ways to ignite and improve yourself for the better.

Silver Linings

What is a catalyst for change? Oftentimes a small setback can spur us on to do the goals we’ve put on the back burner. A job loss or demotion can be devastating, however, is it possible to see the silver lining and look past the hurt and begin to change for the better- as the person you always saw yourself as? When we take a step back and gain perspective we might be able to see ourselves through new eyes. When the economy collapsed a few years ago, many individuals were left unemployed and discouraged. However, this also led to the rise of new ventures. Real estate agents were trading in power suits for a baker’s apron.  When a downfall happens to you, will you be able to position yourself to bounce back?


Do you often snap at a co-worker unnecessarily or feel disillusioned by your job? The solution could come down to taking off the mask. Unhappiness stems from living as one person, but knowing the real you is much different. The strain of acting all the time can crush your spirit and steal your joy. The authentic you is much more beautiful, talented and powerful than anything you could fabricate. An example: Why is Oprah such a success? She has broken down the walls of her ego and chiseled through her outer shell over the years, and what we get to experience is a woman who is completely authentic. There is no acting or behavior to entertain or make certain people happy. Her raw emotions and the words that come out of her mouth are connected to her divine nature. The divine in her connects with the divine nature in each of us, which is why we all love her. Magnetism Do you have a tendency to attract gossipers, naysayers and cynics? Studies show that those we assimilate with become shapers of our individual worth. Like mimics like. It is as old as time- “You are who you associate with”, but for good reason. If you are always nagging yourself to get to the gym but take company in the overweight, by comparison you will find no fault in your own figure. This can be a difficult line to walk- to remove yourself from the standards of the less-engaged and yet not seem elitist. The balance can come in the form of kindness, however, you still need to remember that your worth and value is not found in the words of those that seek to pull you down.  “The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.” There is absolutely nothing more attractive than a human who has overcome the desire to live for pleasing others and who has reconnected with the spirit within, and then has committed to living authentically each and every day. *Sources:  Huffington Post: Proverbs 15:14)