Change Management and Managing Change

Corporate Change Management Training

Corporate Change Management Training for Your Organization

  • Develop the tools, ideas and inspiration to be success oriented in the midst of continually changing environments. Develop expertise in managing change.
  • Some employees (unknowlingly) create stress and anxiety trying to control matters that are beyond their control.  Assist employees in learning to recognize the difference between “controllables” and the “uncontrollables.
  • Become a leader in the corporate change management processes and assist employees with coaching assistance to become more self managing.
  • Become effective communicators and team players in managing change.

Managing Corporate Change can be Hard

There are few single words that can conjure up such diverse feelings as fear, excitement, anxiety, happiness, sadness, stress, relief, and yes, even comfort as the single word “change”. However, change is simply another process that demands our attention. Failing to address organizational change can have debilitating results. Strictly Success corporate change management training can help reduce or eliminate such harmful outcomes as:

  • employee anxiety – employee stress
  • loss of focus – decreased productivity
  • poor communication
  • increased employee turnover – loss of customers
  • decreased profitability – loss of jobs

Corporate Change Can Be Harnessed

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Corporate Change is more manageable when you know what to do.  Harness the energy of change today!

Change is a source of energy and therefore with the appropriate perspective, it can be directed into positive and productive outcomes. However, (and this is the part many of us fail to learn), the energy that change creates can either be harnessed for constructive use or left unattended to develop as a destructive force.
Often times, we get the impression that to cope with change and to have an effective corporate change management program, we must complete some form of intense long-term program. At Strictly Success, we instruct in simple actions that each of us can personally take charge of to support our individual and organizational success.

If you desire to take charge of the change in your organization and develop an effective corporate change management program, we would like to speak with you.

Corporate Change Management Training

Strictly Success can deliver 1-2 day corporate change management training workshops right to your company’s door or provide a customized workshop at the location of your choice, on any of our topics pertinent to your organization’s training goals. View our some of our employee training activities.

San Francisco, San Jose, Atlanta, San Diego, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New Jersey, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Washington D.C, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami….These are just a very few of the areas we have conducted change management programs for 20 years. There is a very good chance that we can provide you a cost effective solution in helping your colleagues acquire a different, perhaps more productive perspective on change and in learning to managing change.  We are an employee development and team building company that creates customized solutions for your objectives.  Program lengths can range from 1-2 hours to either 1/2 day or full day programs.