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What is DiSC?

Behavorial assessment? DiSC Personality Assessment? Personality Test? Or just DiSC Personality?  Let us describe the DiSC and we will leave it to you to contact us for a DiSC trainer and your DiSC facilitation!

What if people had their needs written all over them and that you were able to recognize that one person needed more independence, while another the need to participate more with others.  What if you could tell if someone was driven by results, or perhaps challenge.  Maybe their need is to be more collaborative.  What if you worked with someone who was just naturally enthusiastic, while some people might think their approach is a “ bit too much”, others might be inspired by the enthusiasm.  Still, there may be others that were more  steady and liked stability and disliked change. Or perhaps it is  accuracy and the details that do it for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could recognize the needs and the priorities of those around us and respond accordingly for the purpose of furthering our relationships with others in a more productive and mutually beneficial way?  Would improving your team’s ability to communicate to others improve their effectiveness? productivity? morale? their ability to render better service and increase sales.  We believe so, and their are a great number of others that would agree.

What can a DiSC trainer and DiSC facilitation do for you?

  • Build more effective teams – Team Building
  • Management Development
  • Reduce conflict – Conflict Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Improve Communication
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Promote Personal Development
  • Further Collaboration
  • Decrease Workplace Stress
  • Professional Development

We can provide the DISC with a DiSC trainer as a stand alone developmental tool or incorporated into one of our existing training programs. These employee performance assessments can either be done in small or large group settings.

If you’re interested in viewing a video describing the DiSC, click on the following video.  Otherwise, read on!

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A rose is a rose….  Wiley’s DiSC has been referred to by many names over the years – the DiSC Model, Personality testing, DiSC Profile, DiSC personality, of course DiSC assessment, Classic DiSC, Everything DiSC and DiSC online and even “disk assessment”.  If you’re seeking information on anything of these titles, chances are you’re looking for Wiley’s DiSC product and we can help you.  We can provide DiSC trainers experienced at facilitating most any sized team or group.

Everything DiSC Workplace Sample Report (requires Adobe Acrobat)

More DiSC Instruments:

Everything DiSC Comparison Report: Build better relationships and make training stick! These 11-page research-validated follow-up reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. (Provided separately from DiSC Profile for additional information speak with a Strictly Success representative)

Everything DiSC Facilitator Report: Provides a composite of your group’s DiSC styles and information on how DiSC styles can impact your organization’s culture. Includes the names and styles of each participant. (Provided separately from DiSC Profile, for additional information speak with a Strictly Success representative).

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report: Helps you determine the group’s DiSC culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. (Provided separately from DiSC Profile, for additional information speak with a Strictly Success representative).

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Want more information on the DISC?  Read On!

The DISC is a behavioral assessment tool  is also considered by many as a personality assessment, DiSC personality, which provides personalized feedback to the individual, it is not a test and therefore there are no right or wrong answers.

This instrument highlights a number of items for the individual which include:

  • As a personal development tool, and a tool that highlights behaviors associated with our personality, it reflects how an individual uses their own skills and abilities to accomplish tasks and adapt to demands made on them by their environment.  It is this use that has many referring to the DiSC as the DiSC personality assessment.
  • Another item is the “natural behavioral response”. Unlike a personality test, the DISC is a behavioral assessment tool that does not categorize one into a certain quadrant, or type. Rather, it advances that under certain conditions we respond differently, yet predictably.
  • The DISC model suggests dominant traits – traits which are made more apparent under differing conditions.
  • As a management tool, it may help you understand why team members or colleagues operate the way they do, what it is that concerns them, what motivates them and points to the differing styles created by our behavioral tendencies. There may be some application in knowing what motivates someone to get a job done or how people go about doing their work. Simply stated, it helps people understand their teams and peers. It can also help our colleagues understand us better as we tend to manage people with our own unique style….not necessarily based on the collective and individual styles of our people. And finally, as a management tool it also provides insights into employee motivation.

Introducing Everything DiSC Workplace®

Everything DiSC Workplace can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. The DiSC Workplace is classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience along with one of our skilled DiSC trainers. .

Participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.

Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

  • Discovering Your DiSC® Style
  • Understanding Other Styles
  • Building More Effective Relationships
  • Optional People-Reading  Module

Make the Program and our DiSC Trainers Work for You Everything DiSC Workplace is the most in-depth, easily customizable DiSC-based workplace-development solution available. Workplace-specific, personalized content creates an in-depth learning experience. Design and tailoring features allow you to design a customized program that’s right for your organization.

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Employee Performance Assessments

Strictly Success can deliver 1-2 day employee performance assessment tools at your company’s door or provide a customized workshop at the location of your choice, on any of our topics pertinent to your organization’s training goals. View some of our employee training activities.

Our DiSC programs are offered through out the United States to include Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh, D.C. Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati.  Allow one of our DiSC trainers to help produce more productive business relationships with the use of the DiSC personality or DiSC assessment, or DiSC test – or by whatever name it is referred.

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