You overhear your staff in the break room bemoaning the latest tasks at hand and how impossible the challenge ahead appears to be… 

As a leader it is important to stay above the negativity and encourage your employees to excel in the face of adversity. However, supporting employee and team motivation is easier said than done. Creating a culture of overcoming obstacles, flexibility and competence is something that is learned, not automatic. It is important to provide your team with tools within the organization and division so that they can make competent decisions.

When adversity strikes,

do you balk or face the issue head-on? Often employees can mirror the leadership of the one in charge. Change begins with you. There are simple ways that you can convey confidence and humility at the same time. Quick thinking can help a leader make decisive decisions while requiring input from a employee or team that feels confident to engage and interact. Some leaders use too heavy a hand to manage and direct, thus squelching the individual’s creativity.  To create a culture of innovation, the leader sets the tone and support employee and team motivation.

Do your employees know where to turn when they reach a dead end? Studies show that people that know their roles within a company are able to effectively reach out to other departments and teams to help execute a task. If your employees are given direction and guidance, they can feel empowered to reach out and find troubleshooting options.

Most importantly, just like we need fire drills and “In Case of Emergency” action plans, your team needs to know what to do when they feel stuck, to increase employee and team motivation. Strictly Success provides perfect training techniques, activities and engaging training on how to overcome obstacles – as a team, individual and organization. When your employees work more effectively and efficiently, everyone wins.

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to setup a customized training workshop for your company. We are able to come to your staff’s work environment or host a session at a location of your choice. Strictly Success can help with employee and team motivation greatly.