As the year of 2013 draws to an end, our eyes dart to the calendar and the beginning of 2014. It gives one pause to think what has worked in business and what needs to be filtered out. One aspect of consideration is: to create employee retention. Is your company one that attracts new ideas, innovations, energy, vitality and new team members? If the answer is no, it’s worth your time in finding ways to step in the right direction of a positive workplace.

In order for your employees to feel valuable, here are a few tips:

Place a heavy importance on employee health and wellness.
While you don’t need a yoga studio inside your office, the fact that healthy employees are typically happy employees generally remains true. It’s not healthy to be worked into the ground like a dog. Being burnt out and tired should be tended to in the office, not worn like a badge of honor as a “hard-worker”.

Offer(and receive) helpful feedback.

Most people like to know they are working in the general correct direction. Make frequent check-ins with your team to give and get feedback on how work is being accomplished and maintained. Sometimes your best assets can be behind the scenes, and while you are on the front lines, your employees might be able to offer great suggestions and solutions to inter-office or customer issues.

Foster a culture of community
The office softball team isn’t just about rivalries and the post-game pizza, but it bonds co-workers. Tried and true studies have shown that a closer group of employees thrive works better together and more efficient when they are connected. This “team mentality” also reminds that just as in a sports team, an office or organization can have strengths and weaknesses. Tapping into the strengths of each person means getting to know one another and  encouraging each other to be their best, instead of a competitive “dog-eat-dog” environment where there is more ego than humility.