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Working Together

Have you ever wondered how much an organization could accomplish if everyone operated with the spirit and drive of an successful entrepreneur – if individuals fully recognized the extent to which one person could make a difference – and if individuals recognized they were a part of something bigger – greater than any single individual and that the willingness of the individual to subordinate individual goals to those of the team’s could bring the individual their greatest accomplishments.

Well we have!

And as owners and team members of our own employee development organization we function with daily reminders that at any given time we must be prepared to step in and step up for one another.

It Can Be Done

As we work with numerous organizations, we continually respond to such statements as “it can’t be done here”, or “I know the people with who I work, and they won’t change”. Well it can be done and yes they will change. If people cannot change, the implication is that organizations cannot change, which in a continually changing world, results in failure of the organization – it becomes only a matter of time, it is as certain as sunrises and sunsets. And just because it hasn’t been done does not mean it cannot be done…

It simply takes the right catalyst – Strictly Success!

You’re viewing this site because someone believes a particular situation can be improved, this is where possibilities begin!

Strictly Success Can:

  • Increase the number of motivated employees through the practice of personal accountability.
  • Move organizations and their employees from planning the future to realizing the future.
  • Convert hesitant, uncommitted, and “biding my time” employees into committed, goal oriented risk takers.

Our lead speaker / trainer, Charles Selcer brings with him over 24 years of highly diverse management, speaking and training experience which has positioned him to address a variety of topics. Charlie, with his “no-nonsense, velvet hammer” approach has helped organizations round out their special events by addressing such topics as:

Strictly Success is based in Colorado and has assisted such organizations as Nobel Sysco, AT&T Wireless,Merck Pharmaceutical, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Federal Drug Administration, Caterpillar and Sprint.

“Charlie’s unique ability to combine stark realism with a healthy dose of common sense and humor is that magical blend that allows him to tackle rather hefty topics with ease”.

“Participants will leave one of Strictly Success’ presentations with a sincere belief that they can make a difference”!