Small Steps Lead to Big Rewards

Learning the secret to organizational success is straightforward. Achieving it is something else. In order for the organization to be a success, the organization’s teams must be a success and that success originates with more than a common purpose, it rests in cause. A cause so understood and so accepted that its’ un-acceptance results in alienation.

The cause is so accepted and committed to that a transformation occurs first in the individual and soon, followed by the team. A transformation or perhaps more accurately a manifestation that takes on a life of its’ own so that as any success occurs, it begins to feed the fire and serve as fuel for greater successes. This fuel super charges the employee’s environment and positively impacts the atmosphere. The challenge is to rally sufficient confidence, energy and fuel to achieve the initial success.

Where do we start? Perhaps in recognizing that our teams (employees) are seeking the opportunity to succeed. In survey after survey that we have conducted with employee groups in the past decade, we continue to receive feedback that the most motivating reason(s) employees work in their current positions, is that they seek to feel productive, make a difference, and when they are productive and are making a difference, they want to be recognized.

Are our employees here only for their paycheck? I doubt it. Several years ago I came across a Gallup survey that provided that the principle reasons why employees left their place of employment.

1. Not being rewarded greater responsibility
2. Prevented from making an impact on the organization and,
Somewhere further down the list was the reason of low pay.

As leaders we must develop and communicate goals so inspiring they leave behind a domain of simple objectives and goals and begin developing causes. As team leaders we must effectively convey to our teams (employees) the importance of not leaving their enthusiasm in the parking lot and to impart to them that this thing they call “work”, that consumes 40% (or more) or their lives, is currently their best opportunity to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

Charlie SelcerAbout the author: Charlie Selcer has provided organizations with employee training and development through Strictly Success Inc. for over 15 years. Strictly Success is a U.S. based employee training company for both the public and private sectors including some of America’s Fortune 1000 companies. Strictly Success specializes in high performance teams and teambuilding, employee motivation, employee accountability and change management. Interactive training includes events, workshops and keynotes ranging in duration from 1 hour to 2 days.

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