Your company is cutting costs for 2014 and you have experienced the cutbacks firsthand. Maybe they were instilled via your leadership… On the topic of necessity, one might see the costs associated with team building and employee motivation activities frivolous and unnecessary. While it is important to evaluate the must-have expenses for a company to succeed, there might be more return on your team-building and employee motivation investment than you think.


When you have invested time and resources in an employee, it’s in the company’s best interest to have them stick around- and like it. Many studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5-2X their annual salary. A study released by Bright Horizons Childcare, a provider of employer-sponsored childcare, education, and work/life solutions, found that 89% of employees with high levels of well-being reported high job satisfaction reported consistently putting in extra effort at work. Again, happy employees are more productive employees, which positively affects the bottom line.  Some of the most successful and enduring organizations in business are those that have a common sense of mission, a deep respect for their employees (and customers of course), and put time, energy, and money into building a highly engaging environment. Even in the midst of meager times, it can be a beneficial choice to implement team-building and employee motivation to create a positive, engaging and healthy working environment.

Conflict Management

Some managers and business owners can find themselves in a negative environment acting as the go-between for disgruntled employees. Because of personality differences and challenges at work, some people find they can’t work with certain individuals, which can put you in more of a baby-sitter role than a leadership position.  Conflict and misunderstanding can grow in a places where individuals don’t understand each other. There may be several reasons why a person has a negative outlook and that can create tension amongst other co-workers. The most cost-effective solution is not to necessarily fire the disgruntled employee, but create an environment where there is understanding.  This quote can be so true: “Be kind; Everyone you meet is fighting their own battle.” When you provide team-building opportunities, employees can see multi-dimensional sides of the other co-worker. They build a bond that was once frayed or nonexistent. In turn, you will find they work better together resolving inner-office turmoil and problem solving on their own. Strictly Success’s team-building and employee motivation programs can help change a negative environment into a productive one.


Often in corporate settings there is a disconnect between the leadership team and employees because the employees feel there is a vast gap between the two. This lack of trust can be especially negative as time goes on. Strictly Success offers many trust teambuilding activities to create a positive working relationship across all lines of leadership. From our “Nocando” (no-can-do) webs to Board Meeting activities, we have many options to help your team grow and instill trust and communication along all of your company’s roles.


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