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Secrets In Getting More For Your Training Dollar

May 7, 2013

Note:  Consider viewing the article pre-empting this post titled, “The Cost of Team Building

Once we schedule a trainer/facilitator/speaker for your program, to a great extent, longer programs don’t really cost you, the client, that much more.  The difference in the fees for a 2 hour are 4 hour program, at least for us, is nominal at best.  The cost difference between a 6 and 8 hour program is typically minimal.  Fees generally begin adding up when a client desires a four hour program however wishes to start at 9am and include a Continue reading

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The Commitment to Continual Improvement

April 1, 2013

If you’ve had a cold or perhaps the flu, the doctor may have prescribed an antibiotic in which you were to take two dosages, twice a day, for 10 days.

How many of you actually took the two dosages, twice a day, for 10 days?

If you were like me, there is a greater possibility that you took the two dosages for several days began feeling better and the remaining dosages can still be found in your medicine cabinet two years later. Afterall, we began feeling better, we saw improvement and decided we didn’t need the remaining medicine.

Organizations do Continue reading

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Staying Motivated And On Point

March 26, 2013

Helping Our Employees Stay Motivated and On Point.

Unemployment – close to 8% nationally and one of the highest rates in 25 years. Wage cuts, layoffs, reductions, and yes, the mention of corporate corruption in every issue of every newspaper and magazine we pick up. Company stock prices have fallen, many times detrimentally effecting savings and retirement accounts to say the least of foregone company stock option plans. We have been directed to do more with less – less manpower, less budget, seemingly less everything. And there’s a feeling that somebody needs to be blamed.

It is tough to get Continue reading

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An Organization’s Greatest (Human Resource) Challenge

June 30, 2012

Help the employee make a difference.

Managing Conflict? Wrestling with Change? Employee Retention? Turnover? Training and Development? Goal setting and achievement?

Our experience is there is a good chance it is employee motivation. The cost of lower productivity due to a poorly motivated workforce can be devasting.

The cost of replacing an employee because they are not challenged and motivated, at our last check, is approximately one half of that person’s annual salary. As organizations continue to experience change such as restructurings and lay-offs the direct effect on the employee is that of uncertainty and a loss of Continue reading

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Employee Motivation – The Magic of Believing

June 5, 2012

What prevents us from achieving our dreams?

“…I’m not old enough to play baseball or football. I’m not eight yet. My mom told me when you start baseball, you aren’t going to be able to run that fast because you had an operation. I told Mom I wouldn’t need to run that fast. When I play baseball, I’ll just hit them out of the park. Then I’ll be able to walk.” (Origin unknown)

I’ll take attitude over skill in the workplace almost without the exception. (One exception might be if I ever need some form of surgery, I would prefer Continue reading

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