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Why Your Team May Not Be Performing (as a team)

April 7, 2013

How could a company have a group of highly successful individuals not perform well as a team?

Over the years we have come into contact with organizations of highly motivated and successful individuals, yet as a team, they failed at achieving their potential as teams – and therefore as individuals.  How and why does this occur?

Reason #1  Environments that emphasize individual performance through recognition and rewards systems generally get what they pay for – individual performance.   While there is inherent benefit to such internal competition, a reminder that we’re on the same team can Continue reading

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Elements of a High Performance Team

March 10, 2013

I wish there were only one, two or even three characteristics of a high performance team.  That would make describing them perhaps acquiring such attributes somehow easier.  But it’s just not that easy – but it isn’t that hard either!  No doubt this list is not all-inclusive, however I would suggest it would be difficult to find a high performing team without each of these attributes.

Mission driven team members: Possessed more than a mere goal, they possessed a vision of their future and they conducted themselves with inexplicable energy.
Shared commitment:  Commitment to the team Continue reading 
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Team Supplies for a High Performance Team

September 1, 2012

What makes for high performance team building?

My sons will begin school in a few weeks, and, as usual I expect to receive a list of school supplies of which I will only partially comprehend the requirements. There will be items on the list to which
I have never heard of and others that possess such detail that it will require numerous calls and trips to the store before finding the precise item the teacher requires.

It is the same of teams. There are requirements for creating high performance teams, some of which will require extra effort to understand, Continue reading

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The Most Crucial Component of Teams

August 26, 2012

We mistake groups of people for teams

What is it that makes some teams highly successful while others flounder? The most common error is that we mistake groups of people for teams. A collection of employees, athletes or children gathered together, (company, sport, etc.) may, by definition constitute a team as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary: “any group organized to work together”.

It is at this point that the difference between a Heritage defined “team ” and an effective and winning team parts company. A winning team is characterized and measured in terms of a team’s output, the Continue reading

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How Important is Trust in our Teams?

April 3, 2012

Without trust there is little incentive to commit or to develop camaraderie, morale is diminished, there is less inducement to collaborate, there is unwarranted risk to open communication, there is doubt, there is an unwillingness to take risk, there is limited dialogue and without sufficient dialogue, productivity falters. Without trust there is failure.

How important is trust? CRITICAL. On a scale of 1-10, perhaps a 12. Team members operating in a trusting environment experience greater quality of life which stems from functioning in safe, supportive surrounding which produce positive psychological benefits associated with being a part of a wining or Continue reading

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