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Team Building

Straight From You!

As with our Training Resources page, this page stems directly from the input of our clients and attendees. In many ways, this is their page, however it also serves us in providing prospective clients further insights into our programs. As our workshops are presented for the benefit of our client’s organization with their expected objectives and outcomes in mind, we do not offer public attendance, however, we want to make available to you an idea of the exercises we conduct in our workshops. Therefore, in the accompanying pages, there are photos of a few of the exercises we conduct in our workshops.


Our experience is that we make greater impact as educators if we are able to invoke both mental and physical components in the training and developmental process. Which is precisely why we make use of such activities as….

  • Our patented “Nocando” spider web, designed to instruct in overcoming limited resources.
    For a look at a movie of this exercise.
  • The “Board Meeting” which challenges previous belief systems via breaking a board with nothing more than a hand and newly acquired knowledge!
    For a look at a movie of this exercise.
  • Our “Mine Fields” created to simulate environments filled with explosive situations and challenges!
    For a look at a movie of this exercise.

In the future, we will strive to make more photos available on-line for the enjoyment of participants, however please recognize, access to workbooks, photo CDs along with other applicable information is generally available only by contacting the offices of Strictly Success. We hope out Team Place proves helpful to meet your immediate informational needs.