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Overcoming Obstacles at Work

February 26, 2014
Overcoming Obstacles at Work

You overhear your staff in the break room bemoaning the latest tasks at hand and how impossible the challenge ahead appears to be… 

As a leader it is important to stay above the negativity and encourage your employees to excel in the face of adversity. However, supporting employee and team motivation is easier said than done. Creating a culture of overcoming obstacles, flexibility and competence is something that is learned, not automatic. It is important to provide your team with tools within the organization and division so that they can make competent decisions.

When adversity strikes, do you balk Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why Teambuilding is Important

January 27, 2014
3 Reasons Why Teambuilding is Important

Your company is cutting costs for 2014 and you have experienced the cutbacks firsthand. Maybe they were instilled via your leadership… On the topic of necessity, one might see the costs associated with team building and employee motivation activities frivolous and unnecessary. While it is important to evaluate the must-have expenses for a company to succeed, there might be more return on your team-building and employee motivation investment than you think.


When you have invested time and resources in an employee, it’s in the company’s best interest to have them stick around- and like it. Many studies show Continue reading

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Holiday Team Building

November 18, 2013
Holiday Team Building

Oftentimes the holidays can be a point of extra weight and stress- especially in the workplace as employees juggle the tension of workload, shopping budgets and social obligations. Many employers are considering how they can inspire, improve productivity and even bless their workers during the holiday season. There are a few ways that you can impact the team for the better over the coming months:

Give Back
If not already doing so, offer employees the option to contribute to a non-profit. There are ways that the one-time or ongoing donation can simply withdraw from their paycheck, making the reduction much Continue reading

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Secrets In Getting More For Your Training Dollar

May 7, 2013

Note:  Consider viewing the article pre-empting this post titled, “The Cost of Team Building

Once we schedule a trainer/facilitator/speaker for your program, to a great extent, longer programs don’t really cost you, the client, that much more.  The difference in the fees for a 2 hour are 4 hour program, at least for us, is nominal at best.  The cost difference between a 6 and 8 hour program is typically minimal.  Fees generally begin adding up when a client desires a four hour program however wishes to start at 9am and include a Continue reading

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The Cost of Team Building

May 7, 2013

The goal of the following piece is straight forward – we seek to provide enough information to help you get the exact teambuilding or other employee development program you seek at the price you want to pay – or at least a price you see as fair value.  And, it has been our client’s experience that the cost was less than they expected. When you’re looking for a program, the best piece of advise is to shop it!

I sincerely wish providing fees for team building, or employee motivation programs, DiSC  (employee assessments) workshops or personal accountability workshops Continue reading

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Why Your Team May Not Be Performing (as a team)

April 7, 2013

How could a company have a group of highly successful individuals not perform well as a team?

Over the years we have come into contact with organizations of highly motivated and successful individuals, yet as a team, they failed at achieving their potential as teams – and therefore as individuals.  How and why does this occur?

Reason #1  Environments that emphasize individual performance through recognition and rewards systems generally get what they pay for – individual performance.   While there is inherent benefit to such internal competition, a reminder that we’re on the same team can Continue reading

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The Commitment to Continual Improvement

April 1, 2013

If you’ve had a cold or perhaps the flu, the doctor may have prescribed an antibiotic in which you were to take two dosages, twice a day, for 10 days.

How many of you actually took the two dosages, twice a day, for 10 days?

If you were like me, there is a greater possibility that you took the two dosages for several days began feeling better and the remaining dosages can still be found in your medicine cabinet two years later. Afterall, we began feeling better, we saw improvement and decided we didn’t need the remaining medicine.

Organizations do Continue reading

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Staying Motivated And On Point

March 26, 2013

Helping Our Employees Stay Motivated and On Point.

Unemployment – close to 8% nationally and one of the highest rates in 25 years. Wage cuts, layoffs, reductions, and yes, the mention of corporate corruption in every issue of every newspaper and magazine we pick up. Company stock prices have fallen, many times detrimentally effecting savings and retirement accounts to say the least of foregone company stock option plans. We have been directed to do more with less – less manpower, less budget, seemingly less everything. And there’s a feeling that somebody needs to be blamed.

It is tough to get Continue reading

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Elements of a High Performance Team

March 10, 2013

I wish there were only one, two or even three characteristics of a high performance team.  That would make describing them perhaps acquiring such attributes somehow easier.  But it’s just not that easy – but it isn’t that hard either!  No doubt this list is not all-inclusive, however I would suggest it would be difficult to find a high performing team without each of these attributes.

Mission driven team members: Possessed more than a mere goal, they possessed a vision of their future and they conducted themselves with inexplicable energy.
Shared commitment:  Commitment to the team Continue reading 
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The Soft & Essential Side of Team Building

January 1, 2013

Creating a team or developing an existing team into a successful team capable of achieving an organization’s goal can be daunting. While there are numerous organizations that recognize employee teams require maintenance as any other organizational asset, there are others that do not.

To expect that a group of employees, many times hired at separate times under very different conditions or by previous team leader, will perform as a finely honed machine is unrealistic. It is also unreasonable to expect that a group of employees banded together by a department name and loosely referred to as a team, will perform Continue reading

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