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Employee Training, Team building, Motivation, Change Management

Employee development training specializing in team building, performance, motivation, accountability, and leadership change management

Employee Training

Where Success Begins

We offer principle based employee training workshops with consistent themes such as accountability, integrity, teamwork – high performance team building, leadership skills, employee motivation, customer service and managing change are threaded throughout each of our programs.

Whether you are looking to establish expectations for new employees, existing employees, leaders or to recognize achievers, give us an opportunity to make the difference.  

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Team Development

High Performance Team Building
Peak performance employee team building results in greater individual and organizational success!

  • Move from mediocre to superior team results
  • Turn individual strengths into team assets
  • Develop team spirit to achieve goals
Team Development Program


Create Highly Accountable Employees
Leaders and their leadership skills, make the difference from mediocre performance to the great team performance.

  • Build a highly motivated workforce with accountable employees
  • Create a culture in which people say and do what they commit to do
  • Eliminate the blame-game and finger pointing
Accountability Program

Employee Motivation

Motivation, Pure and Simple
Offers motivation tools that assist the participants in utilizing available resources to go beyond conventional expectations.

  • Re-energize a department through motivational team building
  • Ignite a spark creating highly motivated employees
  • Overcome barriers to career and personal success
Motivation program

Managing Change

Change Management Process for Your Organization
Is your organization experiencing change? Of course it is. Learn to shape your future!

  • Inspire success in continually changing environments
  • Overcome barriers and go beyond personal and organizational limits
  • Define how personal needs blend with company needs and objectives
Change Management Program

Leadership Training

Develop leaders by design
Leaders make the difference between mediocre performance and the great performance of a team!

  • Develop front line managers into more effective communicators and leaders
  • Provide specific leadership skills to achieve exceptional team results
  • Create a platform where employees and managers can open discussions on important issues
Change Management Program

Program Design

Freedom to Design Programs For Your Company Needs

The staff at Strictly Success are specialists at designing programs to increase employee performance.

Employee Development Training

Team Building Activities

Teambuilding activities includes breaking boards, spider webs, mine fields.


A team building excercise requires the assistance of their colleagues.

Board Meeting

Improves camaraderie among team members.

Mine Fields

Simulates operating in changing and/or explosive environments.

Mission Impossible

Adapt and overcome!

Survival Simulations

Create Synergy and/or Develop Problem Solving Skills


Create Productive Business Relationships, Improve Communication

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“This workshop was inspirational, motivational, and had common sense tools that will make a difference in my life and my ability to build extraordinary teams.”


“What I found most useful was your discussion on change and how to handle it. I plan to apply these ideas in working with my staff and peers”


“Your Management by Agreement concept would be very effective in any work or personal relationship. I would recommend this course to others with the emphasis on MBA (Management by Agreement) and Accountability. Charlie Selcer is a very enthusiastic speaker.”

Sprint Communications

“Your workshop gets people to think about the big picture, and has helped me understand the communication process for my sales team.”

Nobel Sysco

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